What happens when you get to work outside your office. The Winners of June Challenge

Publish Your App Competition June 2014

Congratulations to all developers who have started promoting their apps for free on the AdDuplex network in June. Traditionally we picked up random apps as the winners of two Windows Phones:

  • Nokia Lumia 630 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to Dylan Scelza – the author of an app for Minecraft MC Helper.
  • Nokia Lumia 520 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to David Castro Cisneros for a game for children that plays different animal sounds called Animal Fun.

Congrats to both of you guys!

Winner of Special June Challenge to Win Nokia Lumia 930.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted their outside experiences for the Every Phone They Make June Challenge to win the new Nokia LUMIA 930. As we expected, now we have a library of photos of different landscapes with AdDuplex logo and #adduplexworld hashtag.

The goal of last months challenge was to make you to get to work outside your office, to refresh your mind and come back with new bright ideas. Actually, now we can proudly make a statement that our plan has worked out and congratulate @JPHellemons. He will be the owner of brand new LUMIA 930.


Here is his story:

@JPHellemons says he heard about our June Challenge and thought of taking a picture of the church and “seconds later remembered the angel on it with the phone”. That’s how the app Angelscaller was born. It was developed especially for AdDuplex and its main purpose is to search for an angel on the church holding a cellphone (we believe it’s a WP).

And now @JPHellemons challenges you to download the app and find the modern angel. Our team members already did. Can you find it?


Be sure to participate July Challenge to win another Nokia Lumia 930!


So once again compliments to the winner! And here are few more pictures that caught the eye and where posted according to the rules:










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