Special AdDuplex Challenge for July


New month and new package of Windows Phones to give away!

Special July Challenge

The goal of the Every Phone They Make challenge is to give away different Windows Phone devices every month. However, we decided that Nokia Lumia 930 is worth to be the prize for the second time in a row. We will do our best that this month’s Lumia 930 would be color-matched to the champions of the FIFA World Cup 2014.

This month we are curious where do you get your daily dose of news about Windows Phone, technology etc. to keep yourself updated what is happening in the world in this area. So to win Lumia 930 we ask you to name your favorite one internet source (blog, forum, website, person you follow on twitter etc.) in the comment by the end of July. And we will compile a list of most valuable Windows Phone sources next month.

Easy money, right?


Publish Your App Competition July, 2014

And of course, for developers who will start using AdDuplex to promote their apps for free in July we have:

  • Nokia Lumia 620
  • Nokia Lumia 925.

So submit your application using AdDuplex cross-promotion network and wait till the end of the month. We will pick two random apps that will win the phones listed above. Simple as that.

The official rules are here.

Good luck!

BTW. The winners of June Challenge are coming soon.

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