AdDuplex June Challenge to win a Nokia Lumia 930!

New month and another 3 Windows Phones to give away. Here’s what you need to do.

Publish Your App Competition for June, 2014

The rules are still the same and all you have to do is submit your application using AdDuplex cross-promotion network. You promote your app for free and automatically get into the list of candidates to win a Windows Phone.

This month we have two beauties to give away:

  • Nokia Lumia 630
  • Nokia Lumia 520

Special June Challenge to win NOKIA LUMIA 930!

Summer summer summer time!

All you have to do in June is get outside your office and tweet a picture of your local landscape or landmark together with AdDuplex logo (you may use any format: laptop with AdDuplex name on the screen, paper sheet with painted logo, draw it in the sand, etc.).

We expect to receive loads of pictures with different places of the world since we are a global network of Windows app developers and we would love to have a collection of photos to back this up. And of course don’t forget to invite your friends to do the same by encouraging them to get to work outside.

Please note that only properly tagged and publicly accessible pictures will be able to participate in this challenge (no Photoshops please, sorry).

So just do as follows:

  • Tweet a picture of the landscape together with AdDuplex logo (in any form)
  • Use #adduplexworld hashtag.

Here is how AdDuplex team spends the time outside in Vilnius:


(That’s Gediminas’ Tower in the background)

Don’t be lazy. Compete for the new and shiny LUMIA 930 like crazy!

P.S. AdDuplex May Challenge results are coming really soon.

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