25 most popular Windows Phone indie apps and the winners of AdDuplex May Challenge

We got a river of comments with 5 favorite indie Windows Store and/or Windows Phone apps for last month’s challenge where were more than 800 different app names mentioned. And here is the TOP-25 applications that AdDuplex blog readers declared to be the best ones:
  1. 6tag – the most full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone.
  2. Metrotube – YouTube app for Windows Phone.
  3. Nextgen Reader – RSS reader for Windows Phone and Windows 8.
  4. WPCentral – your guide to everything your Windows Phone can offer. Read news, tips, comments, app & game reviews.
  5. Wikipedia – all Wikipedia on your windows phone.
  6. myTube – a YouTube app built to keep your video playing no matter what.
  7. MoliPlayer – all-format local video & audio media player.
  8. 6Snap – the first full featured snapchat app for Windows Phone.
  9. 9gag – 9gag application for Windows Phone.
  10. Weave – All the news you want, in one app.
  11. Insider Pro – shows your phone battery status, software version/ hardware status information, and Shortcut feature allows you to easy access your Flashlight and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location, Cellular, Airplane mode settings.
  12. Fantasia Painter – create amazingly cool photo edits and paintings easily.
  13. Toib – a simple YouTube app.
  14. Amazing Weather HD – weather app with dynamic lock screens and mix and match live tiles to bring you the ultimate experience on your phone.
  15. UC Browser – Windows Phone Browser.
  16. Flashlight-X – features a LED light, battery meter, a compass and an S.O.S mode that does not interfere with the user experience.
  17. myAppFree – an application that suggests every day a new high-quality app.
  18. Baconit – a modern metro reddit app for Windows Phone.
  19. Readit – the future of Reddit on the Windows Phone Platform
  20. Audiocloud – a SoundCloud client for Windows Phone.
  21. YouTube HD – YouTube client app on Windows phone which allows you to watch videos in HQ and HD and download videos to your phone for free.
  22. 4th & Mayor – a snappy, simple, fun foursquare client for your Windows Phone.
  23. Camera360 – it has a unique and creative compass, with six scenes to choose different effects.
  24. Calculator² – calculator for Windows Phone.
  25. Poki – a Pocket client for Windows Phone with an unique reading experience.
This time loud applauses go to Adithya Sankar who gets Nokia Lumia 1020 as the winner of AdDuplex May Challenge. Here is how Adithya rated his Top-5 Windows Phone indie apps he can’t live without (alphabetical order):
Advanced English Dictionary – The best offline dictionary I’ve ever seen. I also use it in Windows 8.
Fhotoroom – I use all their apps ( Fhotolens , Fhotostorage ) which surely are the best photo apps (IMO).
Rap dialer – I don’t know why MS still has not included this in the OS!!!

UC Browser – Love the ability to cache videos and share with Wi-FI.
Xpress Music – I  made this app bcoz I listen to music b4 sleep and found it annoying to use those tiny buttons to control my music.

Winners of Publish Your App Competition.

We are glad to give away the prizes for those who have submitted their apps using AdDuplex cross-promotion network. This time the happy ones are:
  • Nokia Lumia 625 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to Mateusz Cichenski (Out of Memory).
  • Nokia Lumia 825 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to Radwa Alaa (Honeymoon in Maldives).
Sincere congrats to you guys!
Hope you are aware of AdDuplex June Challenge! Get outside and win the brand-new NOKIA LUMIA 930.

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