Universal SDK for XAML Apps (Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1) Released


We have just released the long awaited universal SDK for XAML apps on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. You are now able to integrate AdDuplex into your new Windows Phone 8.1 XAML apps. This will also be the main Windows 8.1 XAML SDK going forward.

Please find the installer for this release in Visual Studio Gallery and installation and usage guide in our Help Center.

Some things to pay attention too:

  1. Please read the Know issues section in the documentation carefully. There are some quirks (both ours and Microsoft’s) that are easy to workaround if you know about them.
  2. At the time of this writing it is still not possible to create a record for a Windows Phone 8.1 app in our Client Area. Please create a Windows Phone 8 record while you are developing and testing your app and you will be able to create a new record for WP 8.1 in a few days (we will update this post)
  3. While technically the version number in this release is, it is actually a 1.0 release, especially on the Windows Phone side. So please treat it as such and help us improve it by providing feedback either in the comments below or via email.

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