A Glance at Windows Devices Ahead of the Surface Event

Tomorrow Microsoft will be hosting an event where they will most likely introduce new additions to the Surface device family. So, today is a good day to take a snapshot of the Windows device ecosystem as we see it.

It’s important to mention that our data is collected from almost 800 apps in the Windows Store and it’s safe to assume that these apps are used more on the tablets (and especially Windows RT tablets) than on traditional PCs and laptops, so the data is skewed towards tablet and touchscreen PCs. Having said that, it should provide a good overview of the ecosystem as a whole and specifically for developers building Windows Store apps.


Surface RT is still the most popular device to run Windows Store apps by a huge margin. That said, Surface 2 has still a long way to go to catch up with it’s older sibling, but it has moved from number 4 to 2 in less than 2 months. Surface Pro 2 has entered the top-10 too. So all of the Surfaces are now represented in the top-10.

Let’s take a look at the Microsoft’s own devices:


Surface RT still has more than 3 quarters of the Microsoft Windows device share, but it’s domination is shrinking slowly.

And here’s what’s happening in the manufacturer charts:


Microsoft is now a number 1 manufacturer, as far as Windows Store apps are concerned. Other than that the top-10 didn’t change since March. (Notice: our March manufacturer chart contained an error which is no fixed. We apologize for that.)

Let’s see how the new Surfaces affect the status quo in a couple of months.

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