And the winners of April challenge are…

Thanks to everyone who have launched new apps on AdDuplex in April and thank you to all the devographers who published their desk photos on the web!

It’s time to announce the winners and let’s start with 2 phones that are going to developers who have started promoting their apps for free with the help of the fellow devs on the AdDuplex network:

  • Nokia Lumia 720 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to Bharat Mulupuru – the author of a great word game called SpellMesh
  • Huawei Ascend W1 (or $1,000 advertising credit) goes to Lassi Lehikoinen for a beautiful guitar game Guitar Tunes 

Congrats to both of you!

As for the photo challenge, we’ve received quite a few great entries and it was a really tough choice. But in the end the unilateral decision was to award the Lumia 1320 to one developer who seemed to need it most:


Congrats to Florian Höhn on his new phone. Now that you have a way to test your apps on a real (and huge) device sky is the only limit.

Don’t forget that a new challenge is on the way and 3 great Nokia phones are awaiting their new owners. Click here for the details.

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