AdDuplex May Challenge – 5 Apps You Can’t Live Without == Lumia 1020

We are getting ready to announce the winners of our April challenge. Come back for that early next week. Now it’s time to announce the new prizes and a new challenge for our “Every Phone They Make” campaign.


“Publish Your App” May prizes

To be eligible to win in this challenge all you have to do is start using AdDuplex to promote your app for free and you are automatically entered into the random draw. The prizes for apps joining us in May are:

  • Nokia Lumia 625
  • Nokia Lumia 820

Special May Challenge – List 5 indie Windows Phone and/or Windows Store apps you can’t live without

The prize for the special challenge in May is Nokia Lumia 1020 (yes, it would make more sense for the photo challenge, but we failed to realize that in April while we were still jetlaged from all the traveling 😉 and here’s what you need to do…

In the comments below list 5 indie apps that you use on your Windows Phone and/or Windows 8 (Store apps only). In the context of this challenge “indie apps” means no “first party” apps (Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, etc.) and no official apps from major services or companies (like Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, etc.). The goal is to replicate the AdDuplex’ mission of giving the visibility to the developers who don’t have a marketing budget.

We know that many developers would like to use this opportunity to plug their own apps and there’s nothing wrong with that, but we have one condition – you can’t be directly affiliated with more than 1 app in your list and you should include a disclaimer next to your app stating that it’s yours.

Check out the official rules for details on participation in the challenge. And here are my lists to start us off:


My Top-5 Windows Phone indie apps I can’t live without (alphabetical order)

  1. 4th & Mayor – Foursquare was one of the official apps that came to Windows Phone really early. Kudos for that! The only problem that the first iteration was not very good (to put it mildly). That’s where 4th & Mayor stepped in and, even though current official client is pretty decent and probably wins in the “beauty” department, I still use 4th & Mayor more and find the user experience in it to be better.
  2. 6tag – very similar story with 6tag. Even though there’s an official Instagram app, I still feel like 6tag is more joy to use, plus it has more useful extra features like collages and advanced blurring.
  3. Trellow – we use Trello both as a team and for personal stuff and even though there’s no official app, it doesn’t feel like we are missing much. Trellow is well designed and executed and fills the gap perfectly fine.
  4. Unofficial Samsung Remote – I have a Samsung TV at home and finding the remote could be a challenge sometimes. Not to mention those moments when you need to type something on that numpad. One extra feature is that if someone is watching TV too loud in the other room you can quietly solve this problem w/o starting a nasty fight (shhh, don’t tell my wife 😉
  5. WaterLogger – I’m not a big fan of drinking still water, but I’m trying to do more of it. This app reminds me to drink a glass every hour and tracks my progress. Not a big fan of the “cartoonish” UI, but functionally it’s more than perfect and quite flexible if you want more control.

My Top-5 Windows Store indie apps I can’t live without (alphabetical order)

  1. Calculator2 – it’s funny that there was no Metro calculator in Windows 8.0. This app filled the gap perfectly and even now when there is a “built-in” version it has some edge over it.
  2. mobile.HD Media Player – there was a lot of buzz surrounding the development of VLC media player for Windows 8 recently, but to be honest, I’ve been using mobile.HD to play media on Windows 8 since early 8.0 days and had pretty much no problems (I’d admit that my needs in this area are pretty modest).
  3. NovaMind Mind Mapping – mind mapping is a great technique for organizing and documenting your thoughts while brainstorming and this is a great tool to do it on your Windows tablet.
  4. Readiy – I’ve used several RSS readers over the last couple of years. Mostly Nextgen Reader. But it got stuck on me a few times and I decided to explore the alternatives. Been using Readiy for a few months now and happy so far.
  5. Ultra Stopwatch & Timer – stopwatches and timers are simple apps and there are tons of them. I’m not saying that this one is the best but it was the first one that satisfied my simple needs (run in snapped mode and in the background/under lock screen).

Share your lists in the comments and let’s spread some indie dev love!

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