And the winner of Lumia 1520 is …

Nokia-Lumia-1520-National-Geographic-jpgIt has been an intense period for AdDuplex in the recent weeks and we have therefore taken our time to announce the winners of the Monthly AdDuplex challenge.

In the first part, you were automatically enrolled in the competition if you published your application using AdDuplex cross promotion network.

Without further adieu, here are the winners of the first part of the challenge:

  1. Jason Lee wins NOKIA Lumia 920
  2. Jason Carter wins HTC Windows Phone 8X

The winners will be contacted directly via email. Congratulations to both of you!

The second part was a bit different. We asked you to provide your feedback on using AdDuplex – both the benefits it brings and the improvements we could implement based on your comments. Our whole office had a tough time selecting the most informative piece, as this was our main criteria for the second part of monthly challenge.

In the end, we went through an incredible number of reviews you have submitted. We would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone personally who took their time and submitted their ideas.

However, there could only be one winner and here it goes. A brand new NOKIA Lumia 1520 goes to…

Zoltán Gubics!!!

Congratulations once again. Thank you for your feedback, we will consider all of your recommendations expressed. You can checkout Zoltán’s great game here.

Remember, you are all eligible to participate in April’s challenge. Good luck!

You can read Zoltan’s feedback below (unedited):

AdDuplex is a true indie friendly promotional platform that boosts your applications even without a huge marketing budget. By implementing  AdDuplex services in all of our games we were able to utilize the success of our previous games to promote our latest one. As a result, Medieval Apocalypse reached the first place of the Role Playing Games top list in the Windows Phone Store in just a month after the release. Ignoring the possibilities provided by AdDuplex is just simply bad business if your are targeting Windows 8 or Windows Phone platforms.


Zoltán Gubics

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