Quick Glance at Windows 8 Device Ecosystem

We’ve been doing Windows Phone device stats regularly but it was hard to extract interesting tidbits from the Windows 8 stats with thousands of different devices running the OS. That said, it’s still interesting to take a look once in a while and we couldn’t resist taking a peek right before Build.


In more than half a year since our last look, Surface RT share has grown 1.5x and Surface 2 arrived at number 4. ASUS Transformer Book and Dell Venue 8 Pro have joined the top-10 too. And there are more than 16 thousand different PC models hitting our servers every single day.


Here’s a look at Microsoft’s own devices for perspective:


As you can see, they’ve probably made a lot of Surface RTs back in the day, and now they made sure those are getting into the hands of end users.

And finally, here’s a manufacturer chart.

Correction (2014-05-19): The “Other” slice in this chart was calculated incorrectly resulting in discrepancies in all the other percentages on this chart. The order of manufacturers was correct though. The faulty chart was replaced with a correct chart below.


It’s interesting to note that the “Other” slice has grown from less than 10% last August to more than 50% now. The order in the top-4 has changed quite noticeably too. HP is still number 1, but Microsoft and ASUS have moved past Dell.

That’s it for this issue. The data was collected from 800+ apps over the day of March 27th, 2014.

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