Update to Terms of Service

We pride ourselves on being a Windows Phone/Windows community friendly network. We love getting feedback from developers and users alike on how they like that, unlike on other networks, the vast majority of the ads served on AdDuplex are for other apps and not some irrelevant or “shady” products and services.

That said our well being depends on commercial advertisers the majority of whom are Windows Phone and Windows app publishers as well. This happened naturally, but it was never setup this way, and from time to time we get advertisers wishing to advertise something different than apps. Usually it’s something relevant or, at the very least, harmless, but once in a while we get an advertiser wanting to advertise something we don’t feel comfortable running.

While we can turn the most “offensive” ads down easily on the grounds of not being in-line with content requirements for Windows Phone and Windows Stores, there are still cases when there’s no formal reason not to run the ads, but we would still rather forgo the money than subject the users of your apps to some “shady” advertising.

So to formalize this position we have added a new provision to our terms of service (effective immediately):

4.1.1. Commercial advertising of products and services other than Windows Phone or Windows Store apps is subject to unilateral approval by AdDuplex. Contacting AdDuplex sales at sales@adduplex.com is highly recommended before setting such campaigns up.

This doesn’t mean we won’t run campaigns for anything else but apps, but we reserve the right to refuse to run ads for products or services we do not support. We believe that everyone will benefit from this – from Windows Phone/Windows users, to developers and publishers, and even marketers of a/m “shady” services will save time by moving along to other services with a different set of principles.

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