The future of our XNA SDK

A little bit more than a month ago we have announced that we will be deprecating v.1 of our Silverlight/XAML SDK for Windows Phone apps (stay tuned for upgrade contest winner announcement). At the same time we’ve asked for your feedback on the future of our XNA SDK.

A big thank you to everyone who responded and it was clear that, even though the community still backing XNA is not huge, it’s not planning to go anywhere any time soon and is still working on releasing updates and new apps using XNA.

So, we made a decision to work on a v.2 of the SDK for XNA. No ETA yet, but it is coming.

Our initial announcement resulted in some confusion, as many thought that we are discontinuing v.1 of the XNA SDK along with its XAML counterpart. I want to reassure you that this is not the case. XNA v.1 is not going away at the same time as v.1 for Silverlight/XAML. The plan is to have XNA v.2 out and then have a reasonable transition period before pulling the plug on v.1.

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