Pricing adjusted based on your feedback


20k impressions for 60$ – this used to be the starting package for most of our clients. After long discussions within our team, we have decided to change this offer based on your feedback and our goal to optimize results for each package bought. 

The starter kit was meant to show each new user the possibilities and potential of AdDuplex. Low cost, small number of impressions – the perfect recipe for “testing the water”. The logical next step should have been upgrading to one of the two bigger packages.

While a number of users have done exactly that, a small portion of our clients with a low marketing budget kept using the starter kit (which was not meant to serve as a long-term solution). It became obvious that, even though as a starters kit it served its purpose, the impressions bought were just too low and the CPM seemed just a little bit too high.

As a result, we want to present you the new starter package with the following stats:

50,000 impressions for $99 at $1.98 CPM

We strongly believe that 50 000 impressions is a good choice for most of the beginners, especially since CPM is significantly (33%) lower compared to our previous package, and it should serve both new users and existing ones, which are keeping their marketing budget low.

We hope you will find this beneficial and useful. We are eager to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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