AdDuplex turns 3! 3 lucky devs get 3 million free impressions each


On January 17th, 2011 we have sent our first invites to a handful of developers who expressed willingness to try this new unconventional “ad network” called AdDuplex. So despite the fact that there are at least 3 days we can count as a birthday of AdDuplex we consider January 17th our official birthday. This is the day when AdDuplex turned from a landing page and some bits on my PC into the early version of what it is today.

Thank you to everyone of you who have joined AdDuplex either 3 years ago or just yesterday! You made us who we are today and, I’m sure, we have helped quite a few apps to be more successful than they could’ve been, if AdDuplex didn’t exist.

We have just launched our new version of the self-service client area which took us quite some time to do and we are ready to bombard you with a bunch of new and improved ways to help you succeed in this competitive app business this year.

As a thank you gesture we decided to award 3 developers with 3 million free ad impressions on AdDuplex – one from each year of our existence (picked randomly).

So the winners are:


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