Introducing AdDuplex Client Area v.3 Beta


We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the new version of our Client Area. It is still in beta, so you may hit some rough edges while using it, but we have tested it with a relatively wide number of users and all the bigger quirks were fixed in the process.

We have rebuilt the Client Area from the ground up and we believe it offers a much better user experience than the current version. You may not find many new features in this release, but this is just a first phase – our goal was to build a solid foundation for all the goodies we have planned while retaining all the features of the current version (plus a few new things). And I believe we have succeeded in that. Now we can concentrate on the new things and deliver new and improved ways of making your apps more successful.

The public site will still point to the old version while the new one is in beta, so make sure to bookmark the address:

Another thing that we have launched along the new CA is our Help Center/Knowledge Base. There’s not much content there yet, but I believe all the basics are covered and we will continue adding new content to it.

I would like to thank all who provided feedback about what was missing in our old system and the things that weren’t working all that well in closed beta of the new one. I encourage you to try the new version and send us your feedback either via the Feedback tab in the Client Area itself or email.

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