5,000. Is it a big or a small number? Well, it depends. Is 5,000 apps a big number? Well, if it’s a total number of apps in the app store, then it’s a tiny number. If it’s a number of apps one person made, then it’s huge (and most likely those weren’t very demanding projects 😉

We have reached 5,000 app actively using AdDuplex today and we consider it an awesome achievement. It was difficult to imagine 5,000 apps, so we decided to represent them somehow in the physical world. So we thought “what physical objects could represent these 5,000 completely different apps wrapped in a standard distribution package?”

Let me introduce AdDuplex’ version of the “app wall” …


Yes, these are 5,000 m&m’s and no, we are not going to eat them all in one seating.

Turns out it’s clearly quite a lot and 5 thousand apps is definitely a huge number when you can actually visualize it. This makes this milestone even more meaningful, exciting and inspiring for us and we hope to add 5 more to this gallery soon!

Thank you very much to everyone who participates in the cross promotion part of AdDuplex! Thank you to everyone who supported us over the years by purchasing commercial advertising from us! Thank you to everyone who spread the word about AdDuplex and helped us get where we are today!

P.S.: We wanted to award the 5,000’s app, but there’s no definitive way to pick the exact app. So we decided to pick a random app from those that launched on AdDuplex yesterday (and allowed us to publicize their use of AdDuplex).

This app is LIVE Brush Canvas Draw and it’s getting 5,000 thousands (aka 5 million) free ad impressions on AdDuplex. Congrats Axilesoft!

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