AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report for September 2013

It’s time for the September installment of our Windows Phone statistics report. We cover the continuing rise of Lumia 520, unveil a new number 2 Windows Phone in US and check the progress of Windows Phone 8 compared to its predecessor. Read on to find out more.

Data source

This report is based on data collected from 1,242 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of September 20th, 2013 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated. We have made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it is possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for.

Worldwide stats


Nokia Lumia 520 continues cementing its domination. It crossed the 20% mark overall and 30% if we only count the Windows Phone 8 devices. But other than that there are no notable changes in the top 10.

As for the newer devices Lumia 925 is number 16 and entered top 10 for WP8, Lumia 625 is at no. 20 (13 for WP8) and Lumia 1020 at 28 (16 on WP8) followed by Samsung ATIV Odyssey and HTC 8XT.


On the manufacturer front Nokia has grabbed another 1.5% for a total of 88.4% on Windows Phone 8. Everyone else, but Huawei have lost a few points.


When it comes to OS share Windows Phone 8 continues to grow.


But for the second month in a row the growth is not really impressive.


We don’t have any data about the device sales, but I truly hope that this is due to everyone pushing out leftover WP7 inventory at very low prices. Otherwise this should be a sign for concern.

We hear reports of GDR2 update getting to some users and some operators still holding it back. So let’s take a look at the overall picture.


As you can see more than 30% already have the latest update, but two thirds of the Windows Phone 8 devices are still on GDR1 aka Portico.

United States

The first real surprise comes from US and, no, it’s not Lumia 1020 that is responsible for it.


Lumia 521 almost doubled its share from last month and claimed the second spot. If you combine it with Lumia 520 (which is essentially the same phone), you’ll see that 52x is the leading Windows Phone model in US now. Lumia 1020 is at number 11 in US for WP8.

The question is what happened in the last month that pushed Lumia 521 so dramatically? And the answer is in the carrier chart.


MetroPCS has barely registered in our data last month, but now it owns close to 5% of the US WP8 carrier market which is close to the total growth of Lumia 521 this month. This carrier share growth comes at the expense of AT&T and Verizon, but T-Mobile didn’t lose anything.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 78%/22%


We did a special report for an event in Russia a few weeks ago. That’s why the following charts are in Russian. Here are the findings.


Not surprisingly 520 is at the top in Russia too. But the last time we looked at Russia 2 months ago, it was only at number 5. The progress is impressive even if not surprising.


It’s not all Nokia when it comes to Windows Phone 8 in Russia. All of the manufacturers are represented in the top 10.


And you can see from the manufacturer chart that even though Nokia still owns more than 80% of the Russian market, the number is lower than it is worldwide.


Nokia’s penetration in Russia is lower than worldwide, but WP8 is doing better than elsewhere. And this is a very welcome sign, because, unlike in many other strong Windows Phone markets, Russian is not dominated by older models.

And finally here’s the breakdown of Russian mobile operators. Looks pretty similar to US (just with different names).


United Kingdom


Lumia 520 is at the top of UK charts too, going from 12.4% to 20.4% in just 2 months. The only other notable change is Lumia 925 entering the top 10 at number 8 and 4.2%.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 70%/30%

DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

We haven’t covered Austria and Switzerland before so we decided to include them as part of the bigger region


The stats here are really different from what we’ve seen so far. First of all Lumia 920 is at the top and 520 is only forth. Then you see Samsung ATIV S at an impressive fifth spot with 7.2%

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 70%/30%



Italy was one of the WP7 strongholds and it’s nice to see a WP8 device at the top of the Italian chart.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 52%/48%



Poland was in the same boat as Italy – one of the biggest WP7 markets in Europe. And it seems that the transition to WP8 in Poland is happening even faster than in Italy.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 66%/34%



Lumia 520 has reached mind blowing 40% share in India and it will be interesting to see how recently launched Lumia 625 does in the country next month.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 75%/25%



Chinese market is still dominated by the higher end Lumia 920 with 520 taking the third place with only 10% share.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 65%/35%



Mexico was another poster country for WP7 marketshare and, even though Lumia 520 managed to get close to 20% of the market there, it’s still behind 2 WP7 models.

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7: 30%/70%

About AdDuplex

AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of September 2013, close to 4,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.

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