Introducing Ad Templates


Initially AdDuplex was based on a very simple idea: you promote other apps in your app and they promote your app in return. It didn’t take too long for a slightly modified concept to emerge: your promote other apps in your app and they promote your other app in return.

We’ve implemented a simple way to do that and all was fine for the time being. But when AdDuplex “power users” started to emerge – developers with multiple apps on the network – it became quite cumbersome for them to change ads for 10 apps when they wanted to divert advertising “credits” from all of them to promote their new release.

Today we present a feature to make this way easier – Ad Templates.

In the “my apps” section of the client area you will see a new tab called “My Ad Templates”. Over there you can manage ad templates that you can later apply to multiple exchange apps. Just create an ad like you would normally do for exchange apps.

Once you do that a button will appear under your app list:


When you click on the “APPLY TEMPLATES” button you’ll get your app list with checkboxes next to each app. Select the apps that you want to promote your “templated” app, select the template you want to use and click “APPLY TEMPLATE”


Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone and you will overwrite currently set ads for the apps you selected! That said, the system will make sure that ads are only applied to apps for the compatible platform.


That’s it. This way you can easily switch your promotional activity to jumpstart your new releases or just apps you think deserve more attention. Hope you enjoy it!

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