Announcing Closed Beta for AdDuplex WinJS SDK for Windows 8


We are putting finishing touches on our first take on the Windows 8/RT SDK for HTML/JavaScript based apps and we need your help testing it.

It would be awesome if you:

  • have WinJS app(s) already in the Store (so that if anything is wrong we know it’s us and not you);
  • can commit to providing feedback in reasonable timeframe;
  • can commit to publishing an app with our SDK (provided there are no serious issues) before the end of August.

And in return we will:

  • give you a perpetual exchange ratio of 0.9 (normally 0.8);
  • award you with 250,000 additional free impressions on the network (provided you publish the app);
  • mention and link to your app in the SDK release announcement (as long as you don’t mind);
  • be grateful for your help and channel a million karma points your way.

Ready and interested? Send us an email to with “WinJS SDK beta” subject. Please specify the name of your app you plan to enroll in the beta program and give us a a feeling of when you think you could release an update including our SDK.

We plan to launch this closed beta program early next week and release the final version in late August – early September, provided no major issues are identified during testing.

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