Default Ads for April


SOLD OUT: all the spots for April have been sold. If you want to get notified when we have spots open for May before they go public, please, send an email to

Back in February we’ve launched an initiative of letting developers replace our default ad with one for their app or game. The first game that took advantage of this was Solitaire by Jimmy Dickinson and we have some numbers to share about the results. We hope to have a more detailed analysis later on, but this post should give you a general outlook on the effectiveness of the campaign.

As you can see from the image above the game had 9,288 downloads in 4 weeks of January and then went on to have 52,515 in 4 weeks of February when the campaign was running. To our knowledge no other sizeable marketing activities happened at the same time so the whole difference could be attributed to the default ad campaign on AdDuplex.

This means that Solitaire got 43,227 downloads via campaign or more than 10,000 extra downloads per week. Considering that the whole campaign cost $990 this means a cost of about $0.02 per new user. I’m pretty sure this is one of the cheapest (if not THE cheapest) ways of user acquisition.

Default ads for April

Seeing this success we are continuing the practice. In March we decided to split the month into weeks so ads don’t “burn out” and we are doing the same in April.

What we promise is that you will get at least 5,000,000 impressions of your ad per week. If not we will compensate the difference via regular campaign credits. But over the first couple of weeks of March we’ve seen more than 10 million impressions for each week’s default ad. And your are getting everything above 5 million for free.

We’ve contemplated increasing the promise and the total price, but decided to leave it unchanged for the month of April. It is likely to change for May so this could be your chance to grab the best deal. So the price is $495 per week or less than 10 cents per promised 1,000 impressions. In reality our advertisers for March ended up paying lest than 5 cents so far.

The weeks for April are:

  1. April 1 – 7 sold
  2. April 8 – 14 sold
  3. April 15 – 21 sold
  4. April 22 – 28 sold
  5. April 29 – May 5 sold

You can reserve one of these weeks (or more) by emailing us the week number and what you plan to advertise during that week to

As usual there’s this small catch: this only applies to Windows Phone, you can have only one ad and there’s absolutely no targeting.

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