Windows Phone Device Stats for March 2013

Welcome to the March issue of AdDuplex’ Windows Phone Stats report. Let’s see what has changed since we last reviewed the stats a month ago and have a couple of glances at the data we haven’t covered before.

Data Source

This report is based on data collected from 389 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of March 1st, 2013 (UTC time). We’ve made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it’s possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for.

Worldwide Stats


Not much has changed in the top 10 Windows Phone devices worldwide. The few notable changes are Lumia 820 (and variants) growing its share and Lumia 620 making an appearance at the expense of HTC Radar.


The top manufacturers are still the same but we can see that HTC and new smaller players (most notably Huawei) have grown a little mostly at the expense of Samsung and LG.


Windows Phone 8 worldwide share has grown from 26% a month ago to 31% this month.


Last time we’ve checked country composition of Windows Phone users was in December 2012. The most notable change since then is that the dominance of top 3 countries USA, China and India have shrank noticeably and the rest of top 10 countries play a more significant role.

This is the only chart in this report based on data from 2064 apps (not 389 SDK v.2 apps like all the other charts). This explains a slight discrepancy between the country chart and the language chart below.


As you can see Italian is at #2 in the languages chart, but Italy is only at #5 in the country chart (even though really close to others). Still this chart should be a good action list for developers localizing their apps. This is the list and the order of the languages you should localize to first.

US Stats


We have a new leader phone in the US. It’s Nokia Lumia 822 and if you combine its share with the other 820 variants the lead becomes even more impressive (29% US Windows Phone market share).

It’s not a surprise that Nokia is the leading Windows Phone brand in the US, but HTC is doing pretty well too with 26% of the market.


We don’t have the stats from last year, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the big (biggest?) chunk of the pie was owned by Samsung just 12 months ago. Now a distant third with 9%.


Windows Phone 8 continues overtaking its predecessor in the US. Last month WP8 accounted for a little more than 50% of US market, this month it’s at 61%.


Last time we checked AT&T controlled more than half of the Windows Phone carrier market. It’s still the biggest carrier as far as Windows Phone is concerned, but both Verizon and T-Mobile have made serious inroads. T-Mobile has moved from 16% just 2 months ago to 23% in March. but Verizon has almost doubled its share from 2 months ago going from 16% to 29% in March.

United Kingdom


Lumia 800 is still the most popular device in the UK but its share is nowhere close to 42% it had 2 months ago. The next 4 spots are occupied by Windows Phone 8 devices which is a great and welcome sign. Lumia 620 makes a solid appearance with 4%.

The Netherlands

We haven’t covered the Netherlands before, but we know there’s a strong Windows Phone developer/enthusiast community in the country, so we are fixing the omission in this issue.


Again, Lumia 800 followed by 3 WP8 devices and HTC 8S with a similar share to Lumia 710. The trend is very similar to what we see in the UK.


Let’s cover some countries with where Windows Phone has the strongest presence starting with Italy already mentioned above.


Not many changes here. The market is still driven by the low-end Lumia 610. WP8 Lumias have gained a couple of percentage points, but other than that the situation is similar to what it was 2 months ago. Let’s hope the new crop of inexpensive Lumia phones builds on the momentum created by the predecessors.


Poland is considered one of the biggest (if not the biggest) markets in terms of Windows Phone market share with reported 16.3% of smartphone owners in the country using a Windows Phone.


The spread is very similar to what we see in Italy, but the important difference is that Windows Phone 8 is a little more noticeable and led by HTC 8S.



Russia is a different beast with more people opting for mid-range Lumia 800 and high-end Lumia 920. Again, a pretty new Lumia 620 is already noticeable in the top 10.



India is still dominated by mid-to-low end WP7 Lumia models with Windows Phone 8 devices occupying the bottom part of the top 10.

New unidentified devices

Finally we decided to add a new section to this report where we will cover some of the new and/or unidentified devices we’ve noticed. Some of these could be new upcoming models in testing by the manufacturers or operators, some could be just prototypes or incorrectly marked devices.

  • NOKIA RM-887_apac_prc_206 – most likely just a variant of Lumia 720 (RM-885);
  • NOKIA RM-860_nam_usa_100 – always on Verizon in the USA, with 1280×768 resolution;
  • NOKIA RM-892_eu_euro1_016 – we’ve seen RM-892 in India before, but now we’ve seen it in Finland and we can confirm that it also has a 1280×768 screen (or at least a ScaleFactor of 160);
  • NOKIA RM-893_nam_tmous_201 – this is probably a T-Mobile variant of the phone above;

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