Windows 8/RT Device Statistics Report for February 2013

Surface Pro was released and sold out a week ago and the main question for this report would be if the problem was a result of great demand or just a supply bottleneck. Read on to find out what our data shows, but first a couple of words about the data itself.

Data source

This report is based on the usage data collected from 132 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK over the period of one day of February 15th, 2013. We’ve made a reasonable effort to aggregate data for different reported names for the same models and/or manufacturers but with more than 7,000 different devices detected it’s obvious that some of these variations slipped through.

Devices Worldwide

Let’s start by covering top devices worldwide.


Not much has changed over the month. A few noticeable changes are Surface RT share shrinking a little, ASUS VivoTab RT dropping out of Top 10 and VivoBook growing ~1.5x.

But the most interesting thing is that Surface Pro is not in the Top 10. You may wonder if it’s somewhere at number 11 or 12? Unfortunately the answer is no. Surface Pro is at #52. In comparison to Surface RT it looks like this:


So according to our data it looks like limited supply was the reason of Surface Pro selling out really quickly.

Manufacturers worldwide


Almost nothing has changed here with only some slight shuffling of places without significant effect on the market share.

United States


Again no major changes in device share in US. Surface RT lost some ground but otherwise not much has changed.


Microsoft has slipped to number 4 (was 3) in otherwise static manufacturer chart.

United Kingdom


HP is number 1 in UK as well, but Dell is only 7th, behind Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Microsoft and Lenovo. Advent (a local brand) sits at #10 with 3%.



Acer rules in Russia with HP at the second position. A notable stat is that Other slice is much bigger in Russia than in other places we’ve covered today. Most of it is comprised of small local(?) brands and self-assembled PCs.


And finally, Australia – the only country (today) where the top spot belongs to Microsoft.


That’s it for this report. We will see how Surface Pro and hopefully other new models are doing next month.

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