Windows Phone Device Stats for February 2013

Windows Phone Device Stats for February 2013

It’s time for a February issue of AdDuplex Windows Phone device stats report. This month we look at the penetration of the latest updates to Windows Phone operating systems (“Portico” and 7.8) as well as check out the countries that lead the way in embracing WP8 and those that are still stuck in the WP7 world.

As usual we will look at the specific device charts for several countries.

Data Source

This report is based on data collected from 294 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of February 8th, 2013 (UTC time). We’ve made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it’s possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for.

Worldwide stats


The world is still dominated by Nokia’s WP7 models, but Windows Phone 8 is getting more and more representation with every month passing. Notable changes are Lumia 820 getting from 3% to 5%, Lumia 822 and HTC Windows Phone 8S getting into top 10 and there’s not a single Samsung phone in the top anymore.

If we look at the manufacturers the situation hasn’t changed dramatically since we last looked at it in November 2012. Nokia is still dominant, both Nokia and HTC has grown a couple of percent mostly at the expense of Samsung.


Windows Phone 8 continues to grow steadily with 26% of worldwide users now using WP8 powered devices (19% a month ago).


Some countries were natural fit for quick Windows Phone 8 adoption and some still have no WP8 devices officially accessible. Let’s look at countries leading and trailing in Windows Phone 8 adoption. We’ve only considered countries that had hits from at least a 100 different devices.


Correction: In the chart above we’ve incorrectly identified the top country as South Africa while in reality it should have been Saudi Arabia (ISO code SA). We are very sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this could have caused.

Quite a few countries on the list are here just because Windows Phone 7 lacked in support for local language and/or input method, but at the same time we see France, USA and Australia (all initial WP7 launch countries) cracking 50% WP8 barrier.

At the same time as we cross a southern border of either US or France we get into the countries that “lead” in the Windows Phone 7 domination chart – namely Mexico and Spain.


That’s another reminder of how diverse the world is and how situation can differ dramatically in places that would look pretty similar to an outsider.

Let’s finish the OS version part of the report by looking at the spread of the latest updates both for Windows Phone 7 and 8.


16% of Windows Phone 7 users already enjoy the new start screen of Windows Phone 7.8 on their phones. Situation is much better with the latest update to Windows Phone 8 (code-named Portico) with more than half of the users already on it.


Country device stats

And finally let‘s take a quick look at devices in use in some specific countries.



3 Windows Phone 8 devices take top 3 spots on the chart this month. Last month we had 8X and no.4 and Lumia 822 at 5 with 11% and 10% accordingly.



Moving south from US and we can’t find a single WP8 devices in top 10. Cheaper Nokia models are reigning supreme in Mexico.



As we move even more south to Brazil we still see a similar picture with Lumia 920 making a minor blip in a sea of Windows Phone 7 devices.



Moving on to Europe, let’s cover Nokia’s home turf first. Not surprisingly Nokia owns their home country’s Windows Phone market with more than 96% of the users owning a Nokia phone. Another minor thing to note – Finland is the only market we’ve seen Samsung ATIV S cracking the top 10.



Lumia 800 is still the most popular device in Germany, but next 3 spots (or 41%) are occupied by WP8 devices. Add 4% from HTC 8X at the 6th spot and you can see Germany approaching the 50% split between WP7 and WP8.



Right across the border from Germany we find the only country in today’s report with a non-Nokia device at the top of the chart. HTC Windows Phone 8S is a number one Windows Phone in France. I guess someone at HTC France deserves a bonus.



We’ve seen reports of great demand and/or short supplies for Lumia 920 in China, but it still managed to claim the second spot on the chart. This is also the first country we see Lumia 620 entering the chart.



We’ve heard our Australian friends cry over lackluster marketing and sales support for Windows Phone 7 back in the day, so it’s no surprise that it wasn’t difficult for WP8 devices to claim the lead with Lumia 920 undisputed at number one.

That’s it for the AdDuplex Windows Phone stats report this month. We will cover other countries and, possibly, other angles next month.

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