Ad Copy vs. Medium

Looking at the ads people run on AdDuplex I can’t help but notice that a rare developer/advertiser considers the “currency” of the advertising platform she is on. Some ad networks (like AdMob) charge for clicks, others (like AdDuplex) charge per impression. Even in the free cross-promotion part the “currency” on AdDuplex is impression.

This may sound like something obvious and just that – a currency used to measure your spending. But it has dramatic implications on what you want your ad copy to achieve.

Each click adds to your user acquisition cost

When you pay for clicks you want to maximize the quality of those clicks. After all each click goes directly to the bottom line of your user acquisition costs. So if you were advertising your great Twitter app you’d run an ad looking something like this:


You want to state the name of your app so your existing users don’t waste your money. You cover the nature of your app and its killer features. This way you are pretty sure that a user clicking on an ad like this has some interest in your app. Well, except for the accidental clicks, but that’s another story.

You’ve already paid for that impression – make the most out of it

When your currency is an impression you want to maximize the value of each impression. To do that you try to lure a user to go take a look at your app. You can’t fit every feature or all the beauty of your app in a single ad but you can cover all of this in your store description and screenshots. Therefore you want everyone with even a slightest interest in such an app to click on your ad. So an ad like this would work better for the same app advertising on pay-per-impression basis:


We know that shorter ads get more clicks and the worst case scenario is that another person will learn more about your app even if said person doesn’t convert to a user. Maybe she has a lot of friends who would love your app and will spread the word. Why wouldn’t you try and grab her attention?

The bottom line is – think about maximizing ROI of your advertising. Your ad copy plays a big role in this.

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