Your Biggest and Cheapest Ad Campaign


When we have no ads to show we show your users the default AdDuplex ad. This doesn’t happen often, since, due to our nature, we always have a 80%+ fill rate, but it happens. Your apps still get full credit for the impression, but it’s probably less interesting to the general public than, say, an ad for a great game. So we thought that instead of showing our own default ad we can default to advertising something more meaningful for the Windows Phone users – like your app or service.

More Than 10 Million Impressions for Less Than 10% of The List Price

Here’s the deal. Each month we will pick one advertiser whose ad will replace our default ad. Your ad will be shown in one of 2 cases:

  1. when we don’t have an ad to show
  2. when our back-end infrastructure doesn’t return an ad in a timely fashion

There’s no way to know upfront how many ads will be served this way, so we are making a conservative promise for the first month (February) – we guarantee that your ad will be displayed at least 10,000,000 times. We expect that you will get way more impressions out of this deal, but if we are wrong we will compensate for the difference with a regular 3 month subscription. So if your ad was displayed 7 million times, you’ll get the remaining 3 as a normal advertising subscription of 1 million impressions per month over 3 months. But, again, we’ve tried to be conservative with that 10 million number, so this situation is unlikely.

The price to be the default ad on AdDuplex is $990 for the month of February. This means it costs no more than $0.099 per thousand impressions. And that’s the worst case scenario. If your ad ends up getting 15 million impressions you will end up spending only $0.066 per thousand.

So What’s The Catch?

There must be some string attached to such a good deal, right? Well, there are some conditions that set this apart from a regular campaign:

  1. There will be only 1 whitelisted advertiser per month. We will pick one based on the combination of quality and relevance of advertised app, site or service and on first-come, first-served basis.
  2. You can have only one text ad and you can’t change it during the month. This ad has to be static to fulfill its purpose.
  3. There’s no targeting – it’s the default ad for everyone.
  4. The offer is for Windows Phone advertising only – we are close to sold-out on the Windows 8 side.

Sounds good, sign me up!

If this sounds interesting and you want to run probably the biggest ad campaign for your product for a fraction of a price found anywhere, do not hesitate and send us an email to Do not hesitate to contact us if something is still unclear and you have more questions.

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