Introducing Country Targeting for Campaigns


Majority of mobile apps and especially games target global audience and, since AdDuplex is primarily a cross-promotion network, targeting was never a high priority for us. Considering our limited resources we kept pushing it back since there were more important things to do all the time.

But finally we’ve come around and today I’m happy to introduce the first step to better targeting – country targeting for campaigns. You can now create campaigns that target specific countries (or sets of countries) and your ads will be displayed in these countries only.


As you can see from the screenshot you can run your ads “of-the-network” as before or you can target them to specific countries. You may have also noticed a “price ratio” value next to the targeting options. Depending on availability and demand, targeting specific countries (and other properties later on) may cost more than non-targeted advertising. That said targeted advertising won’t cost you anything extra until the end of January 2012. So I encourage you to use this opportunity to try it.

We plan to introduce more targeting options in the future. As for targeting for exchange apps, this is planned too, however in order to preserve network balance most likely it will be implemented in a “soft targeting” way. Meaning that targeting settings will be treated as preferences, but not rules. This is still an open topic and may change one way or the other.

To start advertising login to the client area, create a campaign and set country targeting for it. You will need some advertising credits to create a commercial campaign which you can buy here.

One thought on “Introducing Country Targeting for Campaigns

  1. I've got an app which is highly specific to one city – I would love to see you offer the ability to target ads to that level 🙂


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