What You’ve Missed on AppBizDev Podcast Episodes 6 and 7


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OK, so if you’ve missed the last 2 episodes here’s what you’ve missed:

Episode 6 features an interview with Matt Lacey – the leader of THE Windows Phone User Group (based in London). Matt talks about what it takes to build a successful user group and how your local user group can help you be more successful as a developer both in terms of technology and business. Matt also talks about what it takes to run a UG and what benefits (in addition to the extra work) it brings.

Chanse Arrington joined us on the Episode 7. Chanse is a Head of Developer & Content Marketing and he talked about all of the programs Nokia runs to help Windows Phone developers be more successful in the Store. He also revealed a secret invite code for DVLUP program and we’ve shared a way to get 250,000 free impressions on AdDuplex. So, no excuses to skip this episode!

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