AdDuplex Windows Phone November 2012 Stats

We’ve been posting Windows Phone usage stats for quite some time now, but the last post got a lot of media attention starting with specialized sites and ending with the likes of CBS News, Los Angeles Times and other mainstream media. So we’ve decided to do these reports periodically and put a little more work and thought into them.

We’ve also decided to separate Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT reports. So this report covers the Windows Phone stats we found interesting.


Data Source

Most of the stats in this report are based on a single day usage data from Windows Phone apps using AdDuplex SDK. The day covered in this report is November 30th, 2012. Countries chart is based on the whole month of November and due to internal technical limitations reflects the number of impressions served to users (rather than users themselves). Device and OS related stats are collected from apps using v.2 of AdDuplex SDK. There were 136 of such apps at the time data was collected. All other stats are based on data from more than 2,000 apps on the AdDuplex network.


Most Popular Windows Phone Devices


Nokia claims the first 4 spots in the most popular device list with Lumia 710 being the most popular Windows Phone out there. Lumia 920 is already at #6 with 3%. In case you are a fan of HTC 8X and wondering where it is in this chart, it’s at #20.


Windows Phone Manufacturers


Not surprisingly Nokia dominates manufacturer charts with 76% of the market. If we look at Windows Phone 8 manufacturer standings separately, Nokia’s share is even bigger.



OS Version


As for the OS itself, Windows Phone 8 already commands more than 5% of Windows Phone market and that number has grown from 4% just a few weeks ago.


User Countries


US dominated the charts from the very beginning but as time passed its domination shrank and actually from August to October China was #1 Windows Phone country. But USA claimed the title back in November.

From the last time we checked, we’ve seen a noticeable growth in Mexico, Brazil and Finland. The latter grabbing 3% of Windows Phone market having a population of just 5 million. But that hardly surprises anyone.


Average Users per App

And finally let’s look at Microsoft’s claim that Windows Phones sell 4x better now than a year ago from a slightly different angle.


We’ve compared the average number of daily users per app on November 30th, 2012 to what we had a year ago. To get these numbers we’ve discarded 5 most popular apps and apps that had less than 2 users. As you can see the difference is around 3.5x.

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