Device Stats: Surface and Nokia dominate

Version 2 of our SDK continues to propagate through the apps running AdDuplex ads and that allows us to collect some more detailed stats. Since we aren’t some soulless corporate entity we are more than happy to share these stats back with the Windows Phone and Windows 8 developer community.

Windows 8 device stats


Surface is already the most popular single device running Windows 8/RT with 11% of the overall “market”. That said we had hits from almost 3 thousand different devices running Windows 8 (or Windows RT) in a single day.

Even though Surface is the most popular single device, Microsoft is not #1 in the manufacturer charts.



But Microsoft is #2 which is still really impressive. If you’d like to go for a negative spin on these stats, I’d say that it shows most of the Store app usage happens on tablets and not so much on “traditional” PCs.


There were some discussions on Twitter (started by Travis Lowdermilk as far as I remember) a while back centered at the question if anyone is using Surface (or Windows 8/RT in general) in portrait mode. Well, I’m happy(?) to report that – no, not really. Almost 92% of the usage happens in full screen landscape. That said at least 8% actually snap their windows.

Windows Phone Device Stats

Nokia totally dominates Windows Phone device charts:


The most popular model, quite surprisingly, but probably logically, is Lumia 710. Another interesting fact is that out of the top-10 only 2 devices are WP7 launch devices (HD7 and Focus). That Nokia RM-820_nam_att_100 is actually a Lumia 920 and there are lots of them in our logs with different suffixes. Either Nokia has to fix what the phone returns for the model or we need to find a better property to query it under Windows Phone 8. That said HTC 8X returns “Windows Phone 8X by HTC” in that very same property. So, I guess it’s up to Nokia to make this prettier (or not).

You can guess from the chart above that Nokia rules in the manufacturer standings but here’s a special chart so you don’t have to practice in arithmetics:


And finally, lets see how much market share did Windows Phone 8 get in those few weeks since its release:


I don’t know what to make of this number. Only 4%? The whole 4% in just a week!? I’ll let pundits annotate this chart.

It’s worth mentioning that v.2 of our SDK supports WP 7.5 (aka 7.1) and higher only, so there’s no mention of 7.0. But since 7.0 phones can’t access the Store anymore anyway, it’s pretty safe to just discount them.

Can you see any other interesting facts in these charts? Are you interested in some particular slice of the raw data? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “Device Stats: Surface and Nokia dominate

  1. Would be interested in seeing the breakdown of windows phone 8 only by device. Would also love to see this updated as penetration grows , really interesting data.


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