Winners of the “Update to v.2” contest

We’ve released v.2 of our SDK a few weeks ago and promised to give impression prizes to the first upgraders. Thank you all for upgrading! The uptake was spectacular and we actually had a pretty hard time determining the winners.

We’ve promised 250,000 impressions to the first 5 upgraders, but 7 developers came pretty close to each other. We decided not be nitpicky and awarded 250k to all 7. And for the 20,000 prize we promised to select 20, but again it was really difficult so we awarded it to 27.

If you are one of the lucky winners you’ll find your account awarded with either 250,000 or 20,000 extra impressions! Thank you for upgrading!

In case you still haven’t upgraded, there’s still a huge benefit in doing so. Only apps running the new SDK will be able to use image ads and see extra stats in the future. So don’t miss out and upgrade now.

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