Will The Real App Millionaire Please Stand Up?


I’ve attended AppCampus presentation last week during Bar Camp in Vilnius, I’ve read about it in specialized media, mainstream media and, due to our participation in Startup Sauna I’ve been near the AppCampus team during it’s formation. Every time the reaction to it from non-Windows Phone developers immediately turns to the small Windows Phone market share.

Side note: For those who have never heard about it, AppCampus is an initiative by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University that grants 20,000 to 70,000 Euros per Windows Phone application. You apply to the program and, if you get approved and deliver the bits according to specification, you get the grant and you still own everything (all of your shares, IP, etc.)

So the questions always center around “Why would we want to develop for an OS with 2-3-4% market share?” And AppCampus and Microsoft/Nokia representatives (for obvious reasons) always answer these questions trying to explain the bright future of the Windows Phone ecosystem. This is an understandable diplomatic strategy for someone deeply related to Microsoft and Nokia.

But since I’m not funded by either of them I will provide you with a real answer:

In 2012 your team of 3 developers in a garage has minimal chances of making 70,000 Euro from a single app on ANY platform.

Seriously, how many stories of a small team making at least 70k from a single app have you heard in 2012? Not many.

How many have made 70k on the first day their app was published? I’d guess – zero.

So the questions about the relevance of the OS are pointless when it comes to AppCampus. I believe Windows Phone has a bright future, but even if it doesn’t, AppCampus is the best bet for a small team to make a substantial revenue from an app on it’s release day.

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