AdDuplex for Windows 8 is here!


AdDuplex, the largest cross promotion network for Windows Phone apps, has launched the first cross promotion network for Windows 8.

Starting today developers of Windows 8 apps can help each other get more exposure for their apps for free by participating in the AdDuplex ad exchange program. At this time only the managed XAML/C#/VB metro-style apps are supported, but support for other app types is coming.

While the Windows 8 SDK is in beta, you will get a better exchange ratio on the AdDuplex network (0.9 instead of 0.8) as well as additional launch bonuses. The first 5 Windows 8 apps to launch on the network will receive 250,000 impression bonus that can be used to advertise both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. UPDATE: we now have more that 5 apps using our Windows 8 SDK so the bonus promotion is over, but you can still get 0.9 exchange rate.

As part of this release we had to make some changes to the underlying engine. AdDuplex for Windows 8 supports multiple ad sizes and image ads as well as other features that are coming soon. You can download the SDK, samples and documentation as well as manage your Windows 8 apps at

Help us spread the word to your friends working on Windows 8 apps. Tweet about this, share it on Facebook, via email and other media. Let’s all be awesome!

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