Go big on the widest network – get a million impression bonus!

Go big on the largest Windows Phone network

AdDuplex has just reached 1,500 active apps on the network and we are the largest cross-promotion network on Windows Phone. We are also one of the widest WP ad networks overall and the most cost-effective way to reach the widest audience of Windows Phone users. So we decided to offer you a way to go really BIG and really cheap.

Get 1,000,000 free impressions

That’s right. For a very limited time you can buy 1,500,000 ad impressions on AdDuplex for the price of 500,000. If that sounds too much you can get 500,000 impressions for the price of 250,000 too.

Just go to the “buy credits” page in the client area and click on one of the links under the standard package options


The offer is valid until the end of July 2012 only, so don’t miss your chance to go BIG on the widest network.

Update: due to a popular demand we are extending this offer until the end of August, 2012.

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