More than 1,000 apps are using AdDuplex!

iStock_000004847196XSmallGreat news. We have just crossed 1,000 active apps on the AdDuplex network mark!

A huge thank you to everyone for using and supporting AdDuplex! We are really proud with what we’ve achieved together and have quite a few upcoming new features up our sleeves.

We were thinking about ways to thank all of the 1,000+ apps. Obviously due to the nature of the network we can’t give a bonus to every single app. But what we can do is temporarily lower commercial advertising price for developers with apps on the network. And by lower I mean dramatically lower… 75% lower! You can advertise for as low as 40 cents per 1,000 impressions. I’d say that’s an unbeatable offer.

You don’t need coupon codes or anything. Just have an app on the network and you’ll get the reduced price when buying credits for your campaigns. The offer is valid until the end of April, 2012.

Don’t have an app on AdDuplex yet? What are you waiting for? Join now, release an app and you’ll get free advertising and access to this offer for that extra boost!

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