Introducing the New AdDuplex Site

new_adduplex_screenshotThe initial AdDuplex site design was done by me and I think it was pretty awesome considering my utter lack of design skills. But time goes on and “… awesome considering …” wasn’t cutting it anymore. At the same time we wanted to highlight our core messages and showcase awesome apps using AdDuplex.

We could have hired a random designer to do the work, but we wanted someone who understands Windows Phone and developer community around it. So our first choice was the mega-awesome Long Zheng and, luckily, he didn’t turn me down when I approached him with the idea.

We have just launched the result of our work. Check it out. It’s only the first step and not much has changed functionally from the previous version, but the groundwork has been laid and we will improve the site and add new features in the nearest future.

One thing that has changed though, is the processing company for the paid advertising. Previously we have used PayPal, but some people have strong feelings against the company (we have been slightly burned by them on other projects ourselves) and it doesn’t provide both us and our users with all the features and payment options we need. So, we are happy to join forces with a great company we are successfully using in other projects – cleverbridge. You will still be able to use PayPal to pay via cleverbridge, but in addition you will have a lot of other payment options and features.

We appreciate your feedback on the new design and processing options. We’ve tried to test everything on the new site and hope that the transition was smooth, but if you notice anything unusual or not working, please, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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