Case Study: AppFlow Downloads Double With AdDuplex Campaign

AppFlow – a beautiful and innovative app discovery solution for Windows Phone – has recently finished a 250,000 impression advertising campaign on AdDuplex and its creators Gergely and Bálint Orosz were kind enough to share the effects of the campaign with us.

Downloads and Rankings

The campaign started on September 10th, 2011 which resulted in a spike of downloads and the average daily downloads doubled from that day and stayed there ever since.


During the campaign AppFlow’s marketplace rankings changed as follows:

  • From 94th overall free to 47th in US (from 29th in Tools free to 8th)
  • From 256th to 25th in France (Tools: from 60th to 4th)
  • From 70th to 7th in Australia (Tools: from 28th to 4th)
  • From 60th to 14th in UK (Tools: from 18th to 6th)
  • From 63rd to 7th in Germany (Tools: from 22nd to 4th)

Gergely notes that

AppFlow is a free app and free apps need much more downloads to get good positions on the charts. If this was a paid app like Cocktail Flow, 2K downloads evenly distributed between regions itself would have been enough to put it in the top 5 paid lifestyle in most of the regions!

Obviously AppFlow is an exceptional app and it was mentioned in multiple blogs and featured in the Marketplace in some regions during the course of the campaign, but the initial boost is perfectly aligned with the start of the AdDuplex campaign and the fact that it had a strong effect is undeniable.


Customer Acquisition Cost Estimates

Gergely Orosz estimates that at the list price for the campaign each customer would cost them about $0.22. At the time of this writing, at the special discounted price that would actually result in $0.13 per install.

That sounds about right and you could definitely argue that this is cheaper than if you used AdMob to redirect people to a webpage from where no more than 50% would probably download the app…


The creators of AppFlow conclude:

When launching a new app we would be considering purchasing impressions through AdDuplex as a good investment. Currently this is the only advertising type where you can calculate the likely cost of an install, advertising on AdMob or websites is not directly measurable

I would like to thank Gergely and Bálint for the great insights they provided and wish them all the best with their current and future projects. They are real superstars of the Windows Phone app scene.

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