Stats: 3rd Silverlight, 2nd XNA Ad Network on Windows Phone


Justin Angel has published an epic research into internals of all the Windows Phone apps (as of mid-August 2011). The blog post is full of interesting information and is a must read for every Windows Phone developer and enthusiast.

AdDuplex SDK has made it into a list of Top 55 libraries used in in Windows Phone apps (along with our sister project – amCharts Quick Charts). The list is a gem by itself. You should definitely check all the libraries in there. By looking through the list we can see that we are the number 3 most popular ad network for Silverlight apps (behind the juggernauts Microsoft and Google) and number 2 for XNA games (second to Microsoft only).

I would like to thank you all for using AdDuplex and making it what it is today. And if you aren’t using AdDuplex yet… what are you waiting for? Join now!

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