Let Your Ad Space Work for You 100%

Photo by Kalyan Chakravarthy

Some Windows Phone apps are just starting their journey up the Marketplace charts and some feel pretty comfortable close to the top. While it’s obviously reasonable for the former to care about marketing more than monetization, it’s not that obvious for the latter.

Developers making healthy income from their popular ad-supported apps are happy with what they get and are eagerly waiting for Windows Phone’s market share to implode with the release of Mango and the next generation of WP hardware.

Spending a part of monetizable ad space for anything other than making money seems to be wasteful to developers. Especially since Microsoft’s pubCenter pays really well for those ads. What’s missing from the pubCenter stats though, is a pretty standard metric in online advertising world called “fill rate”. Fill rate tells you how many of your ad requests were served with actual ads.

Since pubCenter doesn’t disclose this metric the actual ratio of ad requests to served ads remains unknown, but if stats on other networks and/or platforms are of any indication it’s safe to assume it’s far from 100%. The numbers reported are from as low as 17% to as high as 96% but it’s never 100%.

So a chunk of your ad inventory does nothing. It doesn’t make you any money but just occupies the allocated space. You can fallback to some other ad network when this happens, and then to another when the second one fails and so on. There’s an easy and flexible solution to achieve that. Or you can just fallback to a network with virtually 100% fill rate – AdDuplex – and use the underserved portion of your ad inventory to further promote your app and make it even more popular == more money in the future.

You can use the excellent above mentioned Windows Phone 7 Ad Rotator to do that or you can just use a simple hand-made switcher. The point is that your app can never be too popular and there’s no reason to waste unused ad space. Make it work for you!

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