Verify Your PayPal Email Addresses

In early August we will be making our first payments to developers monetizing their apps on AdDuplex. In order to make this happen we’ve been adding some pages to the client area and removing things in other places.

Initially you were able to specify a specific PayPal email address for each of your apps. This created some confusion both for you and us. For many of you it was confusing if the $50 payout threshold is per app or per user. For us it wasn’t clear what to do when you had multiple apps and these addresses didn’t match.

To fix this we’ve implemented profile pages in the client area and you can now set a single PayPal email address for all of your monetized apps.

When you login to the client area you will see a greeting message like this.


Click on your name and you’ll be taken to your summary/profile page. At the bottom of the page you will find your PayPal email (if specified) and a link to edit the profile. In case no PayPal email is set, we will make the payment to your default profile email address.

We have migrated all of the PayPal email addresses from the old system to the new one, but we would like to encourage you to login to your account and verify that the correct email address is set.

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