Version 1.2.2 of the SDK Released

We have released version 1.2.2 of our SDKs both for Silverlight and XNA.

The main focus of this release is on internal improvements of the network stack, however there’s a couple of tangible changes too.

First of all we decided to try and minimize the number of accidental clicks on the ads. To do that we made the touch sensitive area of the ad smaller. This way if someone accidentally touches a border of an ad while playing a game the click won’t be triggered. This should both improve the user experience and reduce the number of unintentional clicks thus providing better conversion rates for advertisers.

We have also added a BackgroundOpacity property to the Silverlight control. Using this property you can make an ad semitransparent (minimum value is 0.5) without affecting readability of the ad’s content.

As usual you can get the new versions via download page in the client area.

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