#Winning with AdDuplex

iStock_000013884663XSmallIt’s no secret that using AdDuplex can help you get additional exposure for your Windows Phone app without spending a dime. That said there are ways to get even more value absolutely free.

Here are some of the current offers you can take advantage of.

Win a next generation Windows Phone by Promoting Your App for Free

If you join AdDuplex and publish your app participating in the exchange by October, 2011 you can win a brand new, not yet released Windows Phone running the next generation of Windows Phone OS code-named Mango. More details here.

Listen to Windows Phone Dev Podcast and Win 100,000 Free Impressions for your App

Listen to the Episode 019 of Windows Phone Dev Podcast to learn how to win 100k impressions for your app on AdDuplex network. The winners will be announced next week (June 17, 2011). So don’t delay if you’d like to win.

Publish an app through Yalla Apps and get 20,000 impressions for free – guaranteed

This one actually has nothing to do with “winning”. This is a guaranteed boost for your app’s exposure. We’ve teamed up with Yalla Apps to offer each app published through them and utilizing AdDuplex a boost in exposure in the form of 20,000 ad impressions on AdDuplex network. Read details in Yalla Apps blog.


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