Version 1.2 of SDKs for Silverlight and XNA Released

We’ve released version 1.2 of AdDuplex Silverlight Control and XNA Library. These versions include several additions to the API based on your feedback and a couple of minor bug fixes.

You can download the new versions via the Client Area.

Here are the change logs for the releases:


  • FEATURE ADDED: added AdLoaded, AdLoadingError and AdClick events
  • FEATURE ADDED: RefreshInterval property added to control frequency of ad requests (minimum is 20 seconds, default – 60)
  • BUGFIX: Design Mode: the control was trying to load ads in design mode


  • FEATURE ADDED: added Enabled and Visible properties to control the behaviors of Update() and Draw() methods. Enabled=false – won’t load and animate new ads, Visible=false – won’t react to taps
  • FEATURE ADDED: added an overload with boolean parameter to Draw() to specify if Begin()/End() should be called on SpriteBatch inside the Draw() method

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