Silverlight Control v.1.1.1 Released. Upgrade strongly recommended

We have released a new version of our Windows Phone 7 Silverlight AdControl. An internal issue has been identified that resulted in some inconsistencies in serving ads, especially in scenarios where AdDuplex was used as fallback to other ad networks.

The issue is not critical in most cases but important enough for the health of the network. I encourage you to upgrade the control to the newest version as soon as possible. You can download it through Downloads page in Client Area.

Another thing I’d like to ask is that you test your app in regard to AdDuplex and related issues. The process of going through the certification is not instant and it pays to check before submitting than resubmitting later.

Things to Remember

Some AdDuplex related things to remember when testing that came to our attention over the recent weeks:

  • Make sure you set AppId property to your AppId on AdDuplex network and not your marketplace app id. You can find AdDuplex AppId for your app in the Client Area.
  • Make sure AdDuplex ad is clickable. Sometimes the ad is visible but obstructed by some transparent object that “swallows” all the taps. This is especially important to check in fallback scenarios when you place AdDuplex under some other ad. Microsoft’s pubCenter ad control is known for this behavior. When it can’t show an ad it collapses some internal visible parts and is actually translucent but it doesn’t collapse altogether and still catches all taps. You should manually set it’s Visibility to Collapsed.
  • Explicitly set Visibility on the AdDuplex control to Collapsed whenever you don’t want to show it. We make every effort to detect when something covers AdDuplex control but it would be easier for everyone if you just let the control know that it’s not supposed to be visible. Remember that running AdDuplex control in some invisible form is a violation of our terms.

In case you have any questions or encounter some issues, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for making AdDuplex a success and lets all benefit from it!

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