AdDuplex is Now Open for Registration + Bonus

banner_square_freeAdDuplex – a new innovative way to promote your Windows Phone 7 apps for free – no longer requires invitations to join.

AdDuplex helps you promote your WP7 app by helping other developers/publishers to promote their. You just add AdDuplex AdControl to your WP7 Silverlight application (XNA support coming later) and start showing ads for other apps on the network. They, in turn, show ads for your app. It’s that simple.

The exchange ratio is currently set to 8:10. This means that for each 10 ads you show for other apps you’ll get 8 impressions for your app’s ad. The remaining 2 will be sold to support the service.

Join now!

Go Live in February and Get 1000 Impression Bonus!

Register your app on AdDuplex network, implement AdControl and go live in Windows Phone 7 marketplace by the end of February, 2011 and get 1000 extra impressions for your ad absolutely free.

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