App Picks Of The Week


AppRaisin Recommends:


Enhance your photos with a unique artistic touch on mobile and desktop. Matissa is a free and fast app with more than 20 different art styled filters. Don’t wait. Become an artist! Get the app here.



Solfege+ is a fun and entertaining applications designed to teach note recognition. Different levels of difficulty allow you to improve your music reading skills.  Get the app here.


Gamers’ Pick of the Week:

Storm of Wars – Sacred Homeland

Storm of Wars brings real-time strategy combats to a kingdom building war game. It features fast-paced combat in cities and epic real-time wars on the world map that impact game play and strategy in fun, unexpected ways. Get the game here.


RealmCraft Survive & Craft

RealmCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3D world. Create and break apart various kinds of blocks, explore the environment in Minecraft style, gather resources, craft weapons, build shelter and take part in combat with dangerous opponents. Get the game here.


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