Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100,000,000+ Impressions per Month


Yesterday we’ve crossed the 100,000,000 ad impressions per month threshold. The counter after the first 27 days of August is at the 101,028,863 mark.

That means Windows Phone apps got 100 million more opportunities to get discovered this month alone, than before AdDuplex existed.

Thank you everyone for using AdDuplex! I am extremely happy that together we got this far.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marketing and Monetization Interview Series #9. Help Daniel Rubino Help You

daniel_rubinoToday I’m interviewing Daniel Rubino – editor-in-chief of Windows Phone Central (wpcentral.com) & Podcast co- host. I seriously doubt it’s possible, but in case you’ve never heard about it, in their own words “WPCentral is the largest dedicated site to the Windows Phone OS with news, reviews, podcasts and forums.”

My focus for this interview is on trying to find what tech bloggers expect from developers trying to get exposure for their apps, what works and what annoys the hell out of journalists. It’s very hard for a developer or a publisher to really know what’s going on on the other side of the news machine, and I thought there’s just no better way to find out than just ask the man in charge.

So let’s dig in.

Can you give us a ballpark number of the tips WPCentral gets from developers each day? Do most of them come via contact form on the site or direct emails to editors?

Great question! We probably get about 10-12 requests a day from developers with that number slowly increasing over time. George Ponder, our reviews editor, generally responds to them and we plan the review out. We of course don’t review every app that we are asked as (1) that would not be feasible (2) we do exercise editorial control over the selection of apps, that is we only pick apps that we feel are worth highlighting or well done for the platform.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Are you working on Windows 8 apps?

Just a few weeks ago we’ve released the first beta of our SDK for Windows 8 apps built with XAML and C# or VB. We are working on extending this SDK to other Windows 8 development platforms and we need your help to prioritize these efforts.

Please help us by spending just a few seconds to answer this poll:

And spread the word about it by sharing it to your social networks. Thank you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get a FREE Nokia Lumia + Dev Center Account + 20k impressions on AdDuplex

Are you working on your first Windows Phone app? Did you know you can get a free Nokia Lumia 800, free Windows Phone Dev Center account (formerly known as App Hub) and 20,000 impressions on AdDuplex to jumpstart your apps in the Marketplace?

Sounds surreal, but it’s true! And there are no strings attached to any of these offers – just be ready to publish your first WP app (but don’t do it yet!) and follow the instructions in this post by Rich Dunbar.