Monday, July 30, 2012

AdDuplex for Windows 8 is here!


AdDuplex, the largest cross promotion network for Windows Phone apps, has launched the first cross promotion network for Windows 8.

Starting today developers of Windows 8 apps can help each other get more exposure for their apps for free by participating in the AdDuplex ad exchange program. At this time only the managed XAML/C#/VB metro-style apps are supported, but support for other app types is coming.

While the Windows 8 SDK is in beta, you will get a better exchange ratio on the AdDuplex network (0.9 instead of 0.8) as well as additional launch bonuses. The first 5 Windows 8 apps to launch on the network will receive 250,000 impression bonus that can be used to advertise both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. UPDATE: we now have more that 5 apps using our Windows 8 SDK so the bonus promotion is over, but you can still get 0.9 exchange rate.

As part of this release we had to make some changes to the underlying engine. AdDuplex for Windows 8 supports multiple ad sizes and image ads as well as other features that are coming soon. You can download the SDK, samples and documentation as well as manage your Windows 8 apps at

Help us spread the word to your friends working on Windows 8 apps. Tweet about this, share it on Facebook, via email and other media. Let’s all be awesome!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go big on the widest network - get a million impression bonus!

Go big on the largest Windows Phone network

AdDuplex has just reached 1,500 active apps on the network and we are the largest cross-promotion network on Windows Phone. We are also one of the widest WP ad networks overall and the most cost-effective way to reach the widest audience of Windows Phone users. So we decided to offer you a way to go really BIG and really cheap.

Get 1,000,000 free impressions

That’s right. For a very limited time you can buy 1,500,000 ad impressions on AdDuplex for the price of 500,000. If that sounds too much you can get 500,000 impressions for the price of 250,000 too.

Just go to the “buy credits” page in the client area and click on one of the links under the standard package options


The offer is valid until the end of July 2012 only, so don’t miss your chance to go BIG on the widest network.

Update: due to a popular demand we are extending this offer until the end of August, 2012.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Numbers Attract Attention, Vague Statements Don’t

Photo by re_birf

A month ago Guardian published an article about Windows Phone development experiences of 5 companies. Four of them didn’t provide any specifics about their performance in the marketplace issuing boring “positive” statements like:

"The release has been well received and we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of installs the app has had since its launch"

And only one of them, our friends at Team Distinction (see a case study of their use of AdDuplex) gave out actual hard numbers:

“We've had more than 25,000 downloads, and a high percentage of them are paid downloads”

Now, that’s not a particularly huge number even in Windows Phone terms, but it’s a solid one and it’s the highlight of that article. It’s what people remember and would happily share with their friends, followers, etc. That’s what quite a few of the news sites (1, 2) “promoted” to the title of the post covering that Guardian story.

If you take our developer interview series, the most viewed and referred posts are the ones were developers disclosed some specific numbers. And that is not surprising at all.

You may say that you don’t have numbers like these to share and I’d say that if you think hard enough you can find inspiring numbers or stats for bold statements even in the moderate success cases. Maybe you had 1,000 downloads on your first day [and then it dropped to 50], or you were a Top 10 game in some specific [not very competitive sub] category, or as our Startup Sauna friends from MNE creations put it “for a [very short period in time] Panarchy Fling was ranked higher than Angry Birds Rio”. No one cares and no one remembers about the parts in parenthesis. You can even omit them. But you will get the attention and that’s what you are after, right?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Windows Phone Usage: 2nd and 3rd Wave Countries Outgrow the Initial Batch

It’s been a while since I’ve published stats here. Have you missed them? I know I miss them. So here goes userbase break up by country for apps running on AdDuplex


If you look at the charts from the last time I published these numbers (back in January) you can see new large markets are doing really good with China, India and Russia now ahead of most of the “first wave” countries (except for US). It is also worth noting that Finland (with population of only 5 million) has grabbed 2% share (less than 0.5% half a year ago). Finns might be upset with less than stellar company performance, but I guess they still have feelings for Nokia.