Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AdDuplex Listed as Partner on App Hub


We are honored to be listed as Windows Phone Ecosystem partners on the App Hub – official Microsoft portal for Windows Phone developers.

Thank you, Microsoft!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Marketing and Monetization Interview Series #8. Four Brothers with Taptitude

In the last marketing and monetization interview I’ve interviewed Elbert Perez who has been very successful on Windows Phone with 15 great games. This time I’m talking to guys from 4Bros Studio who managed to become comparably successful with only one game. The game is called Taptitude and it gets a new mini-game on a weekly basis.

Your company is called 4Bros Studio. Are you literally 4 brothers?

Yes we're real brothers. We each have full time jobs as software developers and make games in our spare time. We started working together a few years ago on our first project which was an XBLIG game called "Zoomaroom". We had a ton of fun making this game, and ended up creating the foundation for our game engine (ZoomEngine) that we currently use to make Taptitude games.

Taptitude is the top rated app on Windows Phone. Is this the case worldwide or only in some markets?


I believe we're #1 world wide. There isn't a good 'official' site that shows the top rated apps, so depending on where you go you get different results. In the US we're the top rated game, but it looks like we've fallen to #2 top rated app based on some sites. A great site for ratings is bestwp7apps.net, although at this time it looks like they only use US ratings.

AdDuplex on Hanselminutes


I’ve been honored to be interviewed by Scott Hanselman on his great podcast – Hanselminutes. We’ve talked about AdDuplex, startups in general and doing them from Lithuania in particular. Check it out.