Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Country CTR Stats: Spaniards like to tap


Here’s a chart of one week of click-through rates on AdDuplex grouped by user’s country. I’ve only selected the countries with at least 50,000 impressions over the week.

The results are quite unexpected. Spain leads the way with 2.1% CTR. Interestingly USA is only 16th (with 0.7%), followed by Germany and UK. The chart would suggest that 1st wave countries got to some point of “ad fatigue”, but Spain and Italy contradict this assumption.

What do you make out of this data?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lifetime Value of A User for an Ad Supported Game – $0.06

WP_000031 (2)

I’ve been doing some research for another blog post that turned up to be a little too complex for me to finish today. More on that later. As part of that I’ve tried to calculate a lifetime value of a user (or download to be exact) for a developer of a free ad supported game. Luckily, thanks to Elbert Perez, we have some data to try and calculate that. Here’s one Elbert’s post with a total downloads he got, and here’s a per-app revenue breakdown post.

I apologize to Elbert, if he posted such number himself and I’ve totally missed it. It is also worth mentioning that apps in his revenue breakdown are named by their internal names (probably), so I skipped apps where there was even slightest doubt what the official name of that app is. The periods covered are probably not 1:1 match either. So, with what I was able to match I came up with a number that is equal to about 8 6 US cents per user.

Update: Elbert has tweeted his more accurate calculation - it's more like 6 cents, not 8.

Now my other post was supposed to be about how it may seem logical, but totally wrong, to use this number as a top limit of your user acquisition strategy, but I got tangled in rudimentary math. So I’ll leave it for later ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Trial is as Native to Windows Phone as Metro

Several days ago Scott Hanselman has published a great (and long) blog post on the experiences developing his first Windows Phone app. If you are new to Windows Phone it’s a must read. And even if you are an experienced WPdev you will probably find a few interesting things in there.


Scott has developed what looks to be a nice and useful app to write on your lock screen wallpapers. He even created a nice promotional website for it, which includes a very humble testimonial from the author himself ;) He decided to price it at $0.99 and he decided not to have a Trial.

I’ve commented on the blog post:

Great work and a great walkthrough, Scott!
I would encourage you to make a trial version though. Windows Phone users frown at paid apps without trials in general. To make the trial valuable to you (in marketing terms) I'd make it fully functional but stamp your logo or something like "made with Lost Phone Screen"

And Scott replied:

Marketing & Monetization Presentation at London’s Windows Phone User Group


On the last day of January I’ve been honored to present my talk on Windows Phone app marketing and monetization at the meeting of Windows Phone user group in London. Thank you, Matt Lacey, for the invitation!

I’ve presented a similar talk several times in Lithuania and Latvia already, but people in the audience were mostly “aspiring” Windows Phone developers at best. This time the room was full of real WPdevs who could teach me a lot and I was supposed to deliver something worthwhile for the group. I hope I did OK and Matt is not sorry he gave me the opportunity ;) I also hope my thick Eastern European accent and crappy grammar weren’t a big problem.

You can find the slides on SlideShare. They don’t like Segoe fonts there as much as wpdevs do, so some content could look improperly formatted, but you can always download the original PPTX. Unfortunately there was no video filmed at this meeting, but you can check one from a similar presentation in Latvia in December (content is about 60-70% identical)

If you want me to present on the subject at your conference, user group or other event, please, don’t hesitate to email me.