Thursday, October 27, 2011

Case Study: AppFlow Downloads Double With AdDuplex Campaign

AppFlow – a beautiful and innovative app discovery solution for Windows Phone – has recently finished a 250,000 impression advertising campaign on AdDuplex and its creators Gergely and Bálint Orosz were kind enough to share the effects of the campaign with us.

Downloads and Rankings

The campaign started on September 10th, 2011 which resulted in a spike of downloads and the average daily downloads doubled from that day and stayed there ever since.


Promote Your App for Free – Win a Nokia Lumia 800


Yes, the title of this post is correct. You can become a happy owner of the just announced gorgeous Nokia Windows Phone – Lumia 800!

You don’t have to buy anything to participate. Quite the opposite. You can win the phone by promoting your great Windows Phone app for FREE. Just join the AdDuplex ad exchange network, publish your app and you are eligible to win.

And unlike most of the sweepstakes, this one is available to developers (almost) worldwide! Keep in mind that the prize will be a European (GSM) version of the phone, due to the limited availability.

Sounds good? Read the official sweepstakes rules and join now!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Week of 40% Mango Discount

We’ve been helping you bootstrap advertising for your Mango apps since Mango started shipping, by offering a 40% discount on advertising on AdDuplex network. Now, that Mango has shipped to the majority of Windows Phones, this campaign is coming to an end.

The 40% discount will only be valid for the reminder of October. Don’t miss your chance to add some bang to the launch of your mangoified app!

Click here to read the details and launch your campaign.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Marketing and Monetization Interview Series #3. Mik Chernomordikov about Russian Market

380853283Today I'm talking to Mik Chernomordikov, who works for Microsoft Russia and is responsible for a lot of developer related areas. As usual it's very hard to remember full titles of Microsoft employees, but if I had to introduce Mik in relation to Windows Phone development I'd just say that he is Brandon Watson of Russia. Is this correct?

Actually I even more but don’t tell Brandon about that :) My official title is Client Evangelism Lead in Microsoft Russia – so, we’re with the wonderful team are responsible for our developer efforts on Windows, Windows Phone, HTML5 and Kinect.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And the Winner of AdDuplex Mango Phone Sweepstakes is …

Shortly after we’ve announced “Win next generation Windows Phone” I was attending UK Tech Days in London. I was close to being stuck in London, thanks to the nice Icelandic volcano called Grímsvötn. But the volcano was nice enough to let me fly home without any problems. So it’s only fair, that the powers of selected a Windows Phone developer from Iceland as the winner of AdDuplex Mango Sweepstakes…


The winning app is Mastermind – a game we all played as kids. Its developer Páll Blöndal is getting a brand new silver HTC Radar Windows Phone. Congratulations! And thank you for using AdDuplex!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slides from My Presentation on “Marketing and Monetization of Windows Phone Apps”

Presentation slides without a narrative always seem funny/strange to me, but many ask to see them, so here goes. Last week I gave a talk on Windows Phone app marketing and monetization at Microsoft Partner Conference in Lithuania and Latvia. Here are the slides:

I’d be honored to talk on this subject at your conference, user group or other event. Email me and lets talk!

Marketing and Monetization Interview Series #2. gMaps’ Alexey Strakh and Alex Sorokoletov


Alexey Strakh and Alex Sorokoletov are two young and very prolific Windows Phone developers from Belarus. I’ve met Alex in the early spring of this year when he came to Lithuania to get a US visa in order to be able to visit MIX11 conference. Yes, they have to go to another country in order to get a US visa (thanks to the “awesome” relationships their president has with the western world). I’ve watched him making the most out of the networking possibilities provided by the conference and I knew right there that this guy is going to be successful.

Alex and his partner in crime, Alexey, have made a number of apps before releasing their hit Google Maps client – gMaps. And today we are talking with them about their success strategies.